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Whether you are looking for:eyewear-choices

  • everyday eyewear
  • designer eyewear
  • occupational eyewear specific for your computer
  • prescription sunglasses
  • reading glasses
  • sportswear
  • safety glasses

…our Houston Eyewear experts offer a large selection of frames and lenses for all ages from children to adults.

suits you are probably your two main objectives. Your face size and shape, hair and eye color, and other factors should affect your decision. To make the best selection, you need a good understanding of what constitutes “proper fit.” This will affect how your glasses look, whether or not they are comfortable, and how well you see with them. Our Houston optical professionals are specially trained to assist you with the frame selection.

Proper Fit

If your frames fit properly, they will not pinch or move around on your face when you smile, raise your eyebrows, or make any facial expressions. They should not rest on your cheeks, touch your temples, or make contact with your brows. If any of your normal expressions or movements shifts your glasses or causes discomfort, they may not be appropriate for you or may be improperly adjusted.  Adjustments to the ear pieces, nose pieces or other parts of the frame may improve the fit.

Face Shape

The shape of your frames should work well with the shape of your face. There are seven main face shapes: oblong, oval, round, triangular, heart, diamond and square.

How Do I Know What Lenses to Use?

Your eyeglass lenses allow you to see the world correctly, clearly and comfortably. Did you know when it comes to getting a new pair of glasses, most people spend over 80% of their time choosing their frames?

We understand that comfort, style and feeling good about your frames matters. Seeing well now and in the future should be equally important to you. If your eyeglass frames make a statement about you and your world, then your lenses should make a statement about how you see it. For that, you need the Eyeglass Guide.

Popular Lenses

Transitions® lenses truly are the clear lenses that do more!  These lenses optimize visual performance and comfort in variable light conditions and blocks 100% of UV rays to help protect eye health and well-being for the future.

Optifog Lenses

Visit www.optifog.com to learn more!

Essilor Varilux

Available on most Varilux products, Varilux 360o OptimizationSM optimizes Varilux lenses to meet the needs of each patient’s unique prescription. The result is wider fields of vision at every distance and minimized peripheral distortion.

Here’s how it works:
Essilor’s patented DDV Dual Digital VisionTM  technology enables the Varilux 360o Optimization process to evaluate the relationship between the design on the front side of the lens and the prescription on the back. Using patented digital surfacing algorithims and equipment, a unique backside design that maximizes this combination is developed and applied to the lens. The resulting lens delivers the best possible optical solution for a patient’s specific prescription.


  • Reduces the peripheral distortions and oblique astigmatism that are introduced when the distance prescription is put on the back of the lens
  • Provides sharper vision
  • Offers up to 30% wider fields of vision vs. lenses without Varilux 360o Optimization
  • Preserves VARILUX performance no matter how complex the prescription

Varilux 360o Optimization is ideal for:

  • All presbyopes, especially those with complex prescriptions
  • Patients who want the most advanced progressive vision

For more information on Varilux 360o Optimization, or to see the Entire Varilux Product Family, click here

Helpful Care and Cleaning Instructions ➤

To protect your eyewear follow these simple guidelines:

Always use both hands when taking your eyeglasses off and on. Removing eyewear with one hand often puts stress on the frame and can cause screws to back out of the frame or the frame to come out of its adjustment, causing it to slip, or put pressure on one side of the frame.

Never lay your glasses down on the lenses, as this may cause scratching. An eyeglass case is the safest place to store your glasses. Never leave your glasses in a vehicle in warm/hot weather, as the frames and lenses may become warped and coating damaged.

Cleaning Your Lenses

1. Rinse your eyewear frame and lenses by using warm soapy water or a lens cleaner that is safe for non-glare(anti-reflective)lenses.

2. Dry your eyewear with a lens cloth or 100% cotton.

3. Don’t use a household cleaning product such as window cleaner, paper towels, napkins or tissue paper, as they may damage your lenses.

4. Wash your cloth frequently to remove dirt and oil deposits, using a gentle cleaner without perfumes, dyes or chemicals.

Remember scratch-resistant lenses are NOT scratch-proof.

Berkeley Eye Center Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 12 reviews ➤

“This place is the best! Totally courteous, friendly, and professional! From now on, I won’t go anywhere else. From the receptionist to the doctor, to the experience of picking out the frames and options…they were great!” – from Nancy M. 5-review

“This is my second visit to a Berkeley Eye Center. Dr. Reid and all the staff are great, they are friendly and very professional. I was able to get a quick appointment and my routine exam done in a timely manner. During my first visit to The Woodlands Office, my mother and I also received outstanding service. Thanks for another GREAT experience! ” – from McHernan 5-review

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